Call2Recycle is excited to serve as a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in Ontario.  We are committed to a seamless program transition with no disruption to existing battery collection and recycling services under the Regulation for end-of-life battery management. 

We are happy to continue supporting our municipal collection partners and we welcome you to our expanded municipal collection program for single-use and rechargeable consumer batteries. With our expanded program, you may determine which service provider you prefer to work with for your future battery collections and inform Call2Recycle of your preferences.

Please complete the details below so that we may contact you about your household battery collections: 

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If no for single use batteries, are you currently collecting them for Stewardship Ontario?

If so, would you like to continue using your current single-use battery collection service provider/hauler?

If so, please list name of service provider company, contact name, email and telephone #.

OR, would you like Call2Recycle to manage collections for both single use and rechargeable batteries with our service provider?

How many kilograms do you currently have ready to recycle?

How often do you anticipate to send back batteries to recycle?

How does your municipality currently collect household batteries? (Select all that apply)

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